A new slide belt is on the market, a ratchet belt that adjusts to an exact size. The dress belts you find while shopping online for mens belts are pretty boring and old. The Mission Belt is new and exciting. It is a super cool mens belt that ratchets to give you the perfect fit. The best mens belt you can have. The Black Belt is cool and sleek. It goes with just about anything, from slacks to sneakers. The white belt is pretty good looking too. I don't get really all that excited about clothes, but the Mission Belt is so functional.

There are a few varieties of no holes belts, but the Mission Belt is incredible. It has a great look and you'll be please to have it in your wardrobe. The brown belt, or 'Chocolate Belt' is a nice dark mocha color. You can buy your belt online, and shipping is always free for domestic orders.

April 19, 2013 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts