That's right Mission Belt fans. The Mission Belt is now available on If you are a Amazon nut, you now have the luxury or buying the original no holes belt made by the Mission Belt Co directly from your favorite online retailer. You can check out the photos and zoom in on them which we think is pretty neat. Other than those neat features for buying the no holes slide belt, the Mission Belt you get from Amazon is just like the one you get from, exactly the same. No changes! You will still get our patented no holes hassle free Mission Belt. It's stylish, sleek, and it provides a perfect fit for every customer down to the quarter inch. Our belts are specially made with men's comfort and style in mind. Since all we make are belts, we are focused on making the best men's dress, casual, and golf belts.


And that isn't all that we do. A DOLLAR from every belt sold goes towards helping hungry families become self-sufficient. It's really a great program that helps hard working families and individuals with a hand up. It's not a hand out. Best of all it's working. Thanks to our loyal and chatty customers, the Mission Belt is spreading and selling more and more belts every day. Thanks to everyone who is helping us with our mission. Now you can do so from


Say Goodbye To Holes

September 13, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts